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The process of how to get compensation for a delayed flight in Europe

Are you a regular passenger of flights or Boeings? Then you must understand the pain caused by the delayed flights. For many reasons, these days the flights are being delayed and the result is pathetic as the passengers are facing great troubles issued to them. A very common question hover in our mind that what to do when our flights are delayed and we are betrayed of the commitment by the company? We are sure to ask for the compensation for our delayed flights.

The verdict of the European Court of Justice:

When your plans are disrupted by a delayed flight by several hours and the delayed time is ranging from 3 hours to 5 hours or more. There has been a great dispute over whether or not should the airlines provide the passengers with their demand of compensation or not. Of late, the European Court of justice has cleared up the confusion by delivering the verdict that the flights of the continent of Europe have to pay the compensation if the flight is delayed by three or more hours. There are ranges of distances that determine the amount of compensation. The minimum amount of compensation money ranges from $160 to $800.

Who can get the compensation?

There are three categories of passengers who can get compensation amount.

  • The first one is the category that includes the passengers who board the flights from any native land from European country and the destination is from another country located at another continent.
  • The next type is that the passengers who are coming to Europe from any other continent, from any other country and the flights land in any airport of European nations.
  • The next type includes those passengers who are boarding the flight from any nation of Europe and they are heading for any other nation that is located in Europe.

In the above mentioned three cases, the citizenship of the passengers does not hold the importance much. Aber bei einer Flugverspätung einer Fluglinie kommt es darauf an wie lange die Verspätung dauert.

The length of the trip matters:

There are more to be added on the list of getting the compensation from the flight company. The amount of compensation depends upon the trip distance as well. Particularly there are three types of trips and they are as follows:

  • Short flight, in this case, you are supposed to get €250 per head.
  • In the case of mid length flight, you can get €400 per head.
  • And the amount of compensation hovers around between €300 to €600 per head, when it comes to long length flight.

How to get the compensation?

The way is much easier that it seems to be. When you are a fallen victim of delayed flights, you can straight head to the court of law for the justice or get help from resources like http://flugverspaetungsrecht.de/. And for this you have to collect the documents like the evidences of your passport, visa, the ticket of the flight etc. If your claim is proved to be valid then you are sure to get the compensation from the company of the flight.