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Make Fashion Arenas More Accessible with Ramps and Stair Lifts

There was a period when fashion shows are only reserved for the people who belonged to the fashion industry. But right now, there is a slight change, which is taking place in the world of fashion shows. There are many fashion shows that are being held these days where models are not the professional ones, but amateur people who belong to the real life.

While laying-out the stage plan of these fashion shows, the crucial point one needs to remember that- the fashion arena must be accessible to people from different abilities and age groups. Even if it’s a normal show that involves professional models, designers and other ‘seasoned ones’; the responsibility lies upon with the stage designer as well as the organizers to make sure- that the fashion arena is within reach of audience as well as participants, who may belong to various physical capacities.

Stair lift and ramp are two integral parts that make the life of a person who is unable to climb stairs or is wheel-chair bound a most comfortable one. The advantage of running a fashion show in a licensed venue is that – there are many rental agencies in the market from where you can outsource these two wonders of modern times, along with other props and wooden stage platforms for running a fashion show.


The advantages of using stair lifts in a fashion arena

There are two types of stair lifts that are available in the market. While the first type is attached with a chair, the second one is attached with a platform- whereupon the person, who is using the lift, can stand or roll his/her wheel chair onto it.

Many times, a fashion show takes place in the top floor of a hotel/ theatre or any of the floors above of the ground ones. In those cases, a stair lift comes really handy for invitees, who otherwise, find it hard to climb stairs. Not only for those who are unable to use staircase, but a stair lift is for those also who feels claustrophobic in an elevator.

Apart from the invitees, if you are organizing a fashion show involving real life models like- elderly participants or physically challenged ones, then also a stair lift is an indispensable instrument to make your show a smashingly successful one.

The glaring disadvantage that hinders many people in a day-to-day life to use stair lift is tha-t it leverages upon too much electricity thus leading to a rising electricity bill. In a corporate show or a charitable fashion show, however money shouldn’t be any constraint and as a fashion show runs only for a finite time, montage treppenlift can only boost the reputation of your fashion show as a friendly one for differently-abled.

How ramps can elevate a fashion arena?

Every country has its own set of guidelines regarding the usage of ramp. Also keep it in mind that, you need a professional consultation while attaching ramps with the runway/ stage of the fashion arena. Each fashion show’s runway relies heavily upon a distinct measurement in terms of dimensions. So the ramps (in case of fashion shows, it must be the portable ones) should be installed in accordance with that dimensions of the runway.

Like stair-lifts, ramps would also be welcoming signs for disabled invitees or chief-guests/speakers. who shall be felicitated or need to put forward few sentences before the closing or during the opening ceremony of the fashion show.

Also if there is any dance or performance-based program takes place during the fashion show that involves props like vehicles on-the-stage than also a ramp is highly beneficial for a fashion arena.



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