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Glamour on TV can be seen only when the model looks fit and slim

Sedentary lifestyle as we call it has rendered us with diseases, unhealthy body and lots of fat content. Obviously, man is so busy today that he cannot leave his desk and go for a run or follow a strict exercise regime. Moreover, we do not even consume a balanced diet. Statistics say that more than 70% of men and women consume junk food half of their lives.

Junk foods have high calorific value and lead to the accumulation of saturated fats and oils under the body tissues. This accumulated fat leads to the increase in body mass and weight, thus causing obesity, diabetes, hyper tension and high blood pressure.

Resultant of busy schedule and lack of exercise, dietary supplements becomes your savior.

How the supplements are prepared

Dietary supplements are biomechanically prepared food compounds that are consumed in place of food. These supplements provide with all necessary vitamins and proteins that are needed by the body, but lack sugar and fat content.

An average individual requires 1220 – 1500 calories a day. These supplements provide with energy and fulfil the required calorie content. Dietary supplements are powdered supplements that are to be taken with milk or water. These lack sugar and are also available in varied flavours.

What you get from supplement pills

Dietary supplements are growing in popularity and are now a billion dollar industry. These supplements are:

  • Made up of whole grain fibers and provide much needed carbs to the body.
  • Provides for all the needed vitamins and minerals
  • Provide for energy and helps in proper functioning of body muscles
  • Reduces weight
  • Helps in getting rid of saturated oils and fats
  • Increases heart and bone health.

Why models need them

Television models are the major users and consumers of such types of dietary supplements. This is because, their job is directly concerned with the way they look and present themselves. They are widely connected with building up a masculine physique and to obtain the body of their dreams, they work out their blood and sweat off and take up a good diet.

But along with that they take up supplements to enhance their muscle power and strength. One of the most used supplements by models these days are:

T FORCE: This supplement is majorly consumed by male models over the age of 21 years and apart from increasing the muscle strength, this supplement is majorly concerned with promoting the testosterone levels in the male body. This t-force booster supplement which increases the well being and sexual ability of a man manifolds. It helps in killing the fat, cholesterol levels and other harmful elements in the body.

NITRO X : Nitrogen or amine providers are the most important requirement for building up muscle mass, so in order to increase the muscle mass models take up nitro x proseries supplement as their core supplement. This supplement is taken up both pre and post workout and along with it a lot of water intake is required. These models make sure that their diet is full of nutrition and elements that impart them strength, power and much more.


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